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Antiseptic; Easy recipe for soft hands!

Antiseptic protection for soft hands at the moment Girls…. During this difficult time we all spend all the time using the antiseptic, our hands are hard and dehydrated. I have a solution for soft hands, easy, fast to take care of, with materials from home! A hand cream and peeling! For their exfoliation […]

Serum is a must!

But why is serum so important in your daily beauty routine? The serum or serum usually has a lighter texture than creams and penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, it activates and offers ingredients such as retinol, vitamin A, but also the favorite ingredient of all women, hyaluronic acid. Which faces […]

Propolis as a natural antimicrobial

In a hive, we could easily see that the bees use a special substance in the form of a coating. As a general form of protection. This substance is called propolis. Our ancient ancestors created various constructions, in order to fortify the cities, from the possible invasion of the enemy. The moat and the high, impregnable walls were some of the most […]