Protection of the Skin from Atmospheric Pollution

Nowadays it is necessary to Protect the Skin from Atmospheric Pollution. Air pollution in cities is one of the most intense external factors that affect us.
Protection of the Skin from Atmospheric Pollution

As air pollution remains a major concern, our bodies need protective skin care products. Atmospheric Skin Protection is essential. It's time to learn more about it.
According to research by Mintel, pollution is a major cause of skin problems.

Air pollution can be very harmful to the skin. Causes irritation, abnormal skin tone, premature aging and even cancer. People in cities are basically exposed to billions of pollutants every day that damage their skin. This results in clogged pores and discoloration of the skin. Urban people are well aware and concerned about the harmful health effects caused by pollution.

For the Protection of the Skin from Atmospheric Pollution, a durable coating is definitely needed. She will keep the skin under her shield, but at the same time she will let it breathe.

How can these cosmetics help protect your skin?.

With the rapid development of technology, electronic devices have now entered for good in the daily life of modern man. In addition, air pollution lurks. Thus, the effects of these factors on the skin are becoming more and more interesting in the field of cosmetology. Anti-blue light and anti-pollution cosmetics are a revolution in the field of beauty. They promise to radically change our daily lives.

How skin is affected by environmental pollution;

The skin is known to be the first shield against external attacks. When air pollutants adhere to its surface, they disturb the balance of the epidermal barrier. Immediate consequences are redness, irritation, signs of dryness and discomfort. While in the long run, the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin.

How the skin is affected by the radiation of digital devices;

Digital devices are a source of so-called blue radiation - other than the sun. Blue radiation belongs to the spectrum of visible light (HEV - High-energy Visible Light). It seems to favor the creation of free radicals, which cause the so-called oxidative stress. They accelerate the aging process of the skin, resulting in the appearance of dark spots.

Both air pollution (dust, particles, substances from cigarette smoke, etc.). As well as the increasing use of electronic devices (mobile, tablet, computer, etc.) justifiably concern consumers in recent years. Τpush them to look for alternative ways to protect their skin.

Thus, the need arose for the development of cosmetic products, better known as face cream. Παρέχει προστασία του δέρματος από τις συνεχείς επιθέσεις. Γίνονται συνεχείς έρευνες για την αναζήτηση νέων ενεργών συστατικών που καταπολεμούν το οξειδωτικό στρες και τη χρόνια φλεγμονή του δέρματος. Η ανάπτυξη καινοτόμων προστατευτικών συνθέσεων βρίσκονται στο προσκήνιο. Ήδη κυκλοφορούν καλλυντικά προϊόντα προστασίας από την μπλε ακτινοβολία και τη περιβαλλοντική ρύπανση. Τα λεγόμενα anti-blue light και anti-pollution καλλυντικά αντίστοιχα. Περιέχουν συστατκά που δημιουργούν ένα προστατευτικό φιλμ στην επιδερμίδα. Έτσι αποτρέπεται η εισχώρηση των ρύπων στο δέρμα. Επίσης περιέχουν και αντιοξειδωτικά, αντιφλεγμονώδη και αποτοξινωτικά συστατικά. Αυτό προσφέρει ακόμη μεγαλύτερη Προστασία Δέρματος από την Ατμοσφαιρική Ρύπανση.

How to protect your skin?

Reducing time in front of screens and reducing exposure to pollutants would be ideal, but often impossible. Therefore, the use of possibly one face cream with filters against blue radiation and pollutants will help. You can also choose versatile products that offer antioxidant protection. Anti-wrinkle-anti-aging action in combination with protection from pollutants and blue radiation. For maximum efficiency and light skin, you should of course not skip the thorough evening cleansing. This will remove excess oil and dirt.

However, it is important to keep our skin clean, hydrated and protected throughout the day. At the same time he must "breathe" every moment. So next time you get it face cream It is worth considering investing in a new generation of products that promise to protect against air pollution. Rely on Skin Protection from Atmospheric Pollution. Of course, without forgetting the unique movement that can completely drive the weights of the city from your skin: the evening cleansing!

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