Valuable tips for perfect legs!

As the weather gets sweeter, we worry about how to start wearing short skirts and shorts. We want perfect legs, without blackheads or shaving pimples, right?

We have the ABSOLUTE treatment routine and our precious secrets, which will bring the ideal result in just a few days !! Just ten steps to perfect legs:

  1. We must first remove all the dead cells from our body!
    This will be achieved properly with a dry brush.
    We brush our dry skin with movements towards the heart.
  2. Take a bath with lukewarm to warm water, so that the pores of the skin open and soften.
    During the bath, it is advisable to use a pumpkin sponge, not plastic.
    (the sponge is good to change every month!)
  3. Wash with a bar of soap, preferably vegetable, without the addition of oils!

  1. IF YOU SHAVE, use shaving foam to soften the hair and not irritate the skin when shaving. The razor you choose, it is good to have as many blades as possible. This way you will not have to go through the same place many times and you will avoid irritations.
  2. Shave the areas you want (except the sensitive area!) Facing outwards, to avoid irritation
  • that is, not against shaving.

    6. Rinse well and wash your body again with a bar of soap

7. Then, if we want, we use our favorite shower gel.

8. Once finished, in the bathtub with the faucet closed,
on wet skin on the feet, apply the body oil by hand or with silicone suction cups (e.g. Super Body tightening oil the All star luxury glow, activation of natural melanin of the body and tightening),
doing circular massage movements.
(It is good to have the hair gathered, so that it does not get oily.) For a better fit, it is good to apply the oil on the body with silicone suction cups.

9. We do NOT use a towel! Prefer towels with thin fibers, so as not to scratch your skin, a T-shirt - or… nothing!

10. When your skin is dry, you can add the body cream you want (e.g.Collagen Lift Body) for extra hydration and firming. If you want to treat any signs of cellulite on your body, you can stick to these areas with a more specialized product, such as ANTI-CELLULITE!

* If you have a different skin problem, it is good to always consult your dermatologist!

It is certain that if you follow these instructions, you will see a big difference in your skin and you will have perfect legs !!!