Is it possible for men to develop cellulite?

Although not as common as in women, male cellulite is a fact and bothers many people. Let's eliminate it immediately!

It seems that genetically there is not the same predisposition for cellulite in men as in women. However, male cellulite is evident in many men and for some it is just as annoying and persistent as in women!

What are the causes of male cellulite?

The causes of cellulite are not proven to be clear. Theories include heredity, circulatory problems, inflammation, hormonal disorders, tight clothing, and unhealthy lifestyles. And although being overweight is not a prerequisite for male cellulite, being overweight makes cellulite more visible.

Although not as common as in women, men can also develop cellulite. In this case, it is a change in the texture of the skin caused by excessive accumulation of fat. This puts pressure on the muscle tissue and the well-known orange peel appears.

Appearance of orange peel in men as well?

The structure of the connective tissue that wraps around a woman's fat cells is formed by partitions arranged in the form of vertical arcs. These bows are attached to the deep layer of the skin and its tops point outwards.

In male cellulite, the connective tissue structure is arranged horizontally. They are similar to the cells of a honeycomb. That is, in such a way that the fat cells form small independent units of cellulite.

male cellulite end!

Due to this reticular structure, when male fat cells increase in size, they do not vertically affect the outer layer of the skin, as is the case in women.

The most common causes of male cellulite are hormonal changes, smoking, circulation problems, excessive alcohol consumption and being overweight.

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