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Arbutus honey

Do coumarins help prevent thrombosis?

In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates had stressed the importance of many plants and herbs, which was the basis of modern pharmacology, contributing to the treatment of many diseases. Among them are the coumarins.

It is known that aspirin came out of the willow bark. from the reserve the bronchodilator ephedrine, and from the coumarins a great anticoagulant, the coumarin! To this day, coumarin anticoagulants are used in classical medicine to fight thrombophlebitis.

Kumara Greek

From the pollen of the arbutus blossoms, the bees help us to get rid of the incredible arbutus honey. Koumromelo contains extremely strong properties for strengthening and protecting the body!

Arbutus honey is honey of very high nutritional value. It is rich in trace elements and vitamins. It has a bitter to bitter taste and is known to help regulate cholesterol, and protect against blood clots. The arbutus honey is one of the honeys with the least calories.


It is very rich in trace elements and vitamins. This makes it one of the best choices for toning the body. Its natural antibiotic substances give it the property of a shield against various diseases.

Another use for coumara honey is diuretic and antiseptic of the urinary system. From ancient times it was known that while the arbutus honey is not calorie strong compared to other honeys. Contains low levels of glucose and fructose. This fact makes a honey that is often recommended in cases of diet, as well as for type 2 diabetics. After consultation with your doctor of course.


Difficult times require great care and protection of our body. Kumaromelo is our best ally for an extremely healthy diet. Make the gift to yourself and stay away from diseases and negative effects of vaccines and so on.

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