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Bee pollen and the 9 incredible health benefits

Bee pollen: It is the food of young bees. It is considered one of nature's most nutritious foods, as it contains almost all the nutrients that humans need. What are we talking about when we talk about Bee pollen; This is the pollen collected by bees is rich in protein (about 40% protein), free amino acids, vitamins. Including B complex and folic acid.

In fact, it is richer in protein than any other source of animal origin. It contains more amino acids than beef, eggs and cheese, of the same weight. About half of the protein it contains is in the form of free amino acids. These are ready to be used immediately by our body. Here are 9 reasons why you should immediately add fresh bee pollen to your daily diet… although there are many more!

It gives energy

The variety of nutrients it contains, makes it a natural tonic, as the carbohydrates, proteins and B vitamins it contains, will help you in your daily run and will strengthen your endurance and your satiety levels.

Soothes skin diseases

The bee pollen It is often used in products that treat inflammatory and other skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. Its amino acids and vitamins protect the skin and help regenerate cells.

Helps the respiratory system

The bee pollen, as it contains a high amount of antioxidants, can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the lung tissues, preventing the occurrence of asthma.

"Cures" allergies

THE pollen reduces the presence of histamine, leading to the remission of allergies. Dr. Leo Conway, MD, reported that his patients' 94% was completely free of allergies as soon as they started consuming it. From asthma to allergies. It is proven to be an effective "medicine" against a wide range of diseases of the respiratory system.

It is good for the digestive system

In addition to vitamins, minerals and proteins, the pollen bee contains some enzymes. Those that can help with digestion.

Strengthens the body's defenses

THE pollen It is good for the intestinal flora and therefore strengthens your immune system. According to the holistic health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola, has properties like those of antibiotics and can protect your body from viruses. They are also rich in antioxidants, which protect cells from free radicals.

Supports the cardiovascular system

THE pollen contains large amounts of routine. An antioxidant bioflavonoid that helps strengthen blood vessels. Helps with circulatory problems and corrects cholesterol levels. Also, its strong anticoagulant properties can help prevent heart attack and stroke.

Protects the prostate

Men with benign prostatic hyperplasia can find relief by using it. It has the property of helping to reduce inflammation. It can also stop the frequent urge to urinate.

Helps with infertility problems

Bee pollen stimulates and restores ovarian function, which can be used to help achieve pregnancy. In addition to boosting hormone production, it is also an excellent aphrodisiac.

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