Serum is a must!

But why is serum so important in your daily beauty routine?

To serum or serum usually has a lighter texture than creams and penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, it activates and offers ingredients such as retinol, vitamin A, but also the favorite ingredient of all women Hyaluronic Acid. Which treats skin problems such as dryness, pigmentation, lethargy and wrinkles.

Think of the outer layer of skin as a sieving tool. We try to sift a product, similar to water. It will clearly penetrate more easily than a product that has a more solid texture, such as cream. Which is equally essential in the daily hydration of your skin.


So give your skin radiance and vitality with one of the serum which you will find in our online store (here), such as Chrome Serum(here), the Collagen Lift X Plus(here). You will also find it in our online store pure hyaluronic acid in serum form for you who want immediate results.

Application: The serum or serum can be used ideally in the morning and evening after cleansing. Apply before the cream or sunscreen. Put only a few drops on your face. No special massage is required to discard. With both fingers we apply "tampons" on the face and neck. (Do not forget the neck!) The serum has a concentrated composition that acts deep on the skin but does not properly moisturize the outer layer, so it must be accompanied by a moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning and moisturizer at night before bed.

Using a serum daily makes a great gift to your skin and yourself. Give it freshness, hydration, smooth appearance and shine. Do not neglect it!