Natural cosmetics

Why does our skin deserve to be an ally of nature?

An increasing number of consumers decide to avoid conventional cosmetics. These contain chemical ingredients, and look for natural alternatives, organic cosmetics.

They now seem to realize that the skin, being essentially the largest organ of our body, is very important! Needs hydration and frequent care. Taking this seriously, the natural cosmetics they could not be missing from you.

But what exactly are the differences between natural and conventional skincare and beauty products? Why invest in research and market the former? What more do they offer us?

The natural cosmetics is better for skin health. Most conventional care and beauty products contain chemicals that are easily absorbed by the skin. Thus, a quantity enters the rest of the organism. In fact, many of their ingredients interfere with the skin's ability to breathe through its pores. They cause side effects such as allergies, skin problems and headaches.

Regulations by responsible bodies and governments are not strict even in a global market. There is a lot of room for uncontrolled use of inappropriate substances.
People often think that the natural product means that it is not active or has not been tested, but natural ingredients are essentially the most powerful substances that exist, since they already perform a specific function in nature, in the environment in which they grow.

In addition, they have been tested and there are now proven laboratory experiments and research that indicate their usefulness and benefits. On the contrary, synthetic ingredients are, in most cases, cheaper and easier to create in laboratories, in order to simplify the production process.

Toxic and chemical components

Taking a close look at the labels of conventional cosmetics, you will see that they contain a number of toxins and chemicals, harmful to the health of the skin and beyond. Some of the substances that need to be avoided are:

Parabens (Methyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben, ethyl paraben) Triethanolamine Stearalkonium chloride Propylene glycol Propylene glycol Sodium lauryl sulfate (Sodium lauryl sulfate) in shower gels, shampoos, creams, nail polishes, sunscreens, anti-aging creams, lipsticks and other makeup products.

On the other hand using organic, absolutely natural cosmetics, you do not need to worry about such harmful chemicals; on the contrary, their ingredients have a high nutritional value that can stimulate the health of your skin, regenerating and rejuvenating it. Instead of synthetic substances, they contain essential oils, vitamins E, A, B and C, herbs such as aloe vera (which has healing properties) and fruit and plant extracts.

Mass production

It is more environmentally friendly. The mass production of cosmetics and beauty products has a negative impact on the environment. This starts from the beginning, where farmers cultivate the ingredients, using harmful chemicals and pesticides, which have been proven many times to be able to irreparably damage the soil. After cultivation and harvesting, the production of cosmetics in large industries has catastrophic consequences, due to air and water pollution mainly through sewage. And of course, even our own use releases harmful substances into the environment in a variety of ways.

It is therefore a destructive chain of operations, which does not apply to organic cosmetics, starting with the cultivation of raw materials, which is done by natural means.

They do not contain synthetic fragrances. We all, without exception, want the products we buy to smell nice and so we can smell nice too! But here is the trap in conventional cosmetics. They add extra substances, just to make the product more liked and attractive in the world, only by its aroma (or its image). The problem lies in the fact that no company wants to produce cosmetics that smell the same as another. This means that companies have secret substances, which are often not listed on the labels, so that they are not used by their competitors. But also to convince their customers that the perfume is part of the ingredients of the product.

The natural, organic cosmetics they do not have this need. They aim at the healing, beneficial properties of their ingredients and not at the appearance and marketing of the products. After all, fruits, fruits, plants and herbs are used as raw materials. Nature has already taken care of a fragrant aroma. No need for further chemical additions.


Finally, it is important to add that consumers need to be informed about natural cosmetics wishing to buy. Carefully reading product labels. The company's philosophy is also vital! It is therefore good to get to know it, to read about their production method, approval and regulations.

Our skin is a very sensitive organ. So before we proceed to the purchase of a cosmetic, we can consult experts and professionals. They know her needs better.

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