Antiseptic; Easy recipe for soft hands!

Antiseptic protection for soft hands at the moment Girls….

During this difficult time we all spend all the time using the antiseptic, our hands are hard and dehydrated. I have a solution for soft hands, easy, fast to take care of, with materials from home! A hand cream and peeling!

To exfoliate them you will need ..
a tablespoon of sea salt,

1 cup water,

1/2 cup lemon juice

a little shower gel.


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, then spread the mixture gently on your hands and give a very light massage. Be careful because sea salt is quite hard, do not rub hard because there is a fear of irritating your skin. Leave the mixture to act for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water.

gentle antiseptic hands

For the hand cream you will need…

1/2 cup orange juice,

1 tablespoon honey. 


Mix the two ingredients and mix well until the honey melts. Rub the mixture on your hands for about 2 minutes and leave it on for a quarter. Rinse with lukewarm water and you have an immediate velvety effect. Forget the hardness that antiseptic causes, so simple!

gentle hands

These simple and easy recipes create a protective "membrane" on the skin, which keeps the hands soft and velvety.
It is worth noting that hand massage before bed with a little Vaseline can also help reduce dryness on the hands, but also on the cuticles.

Think about the beautiful moments, your dreams and do not remain in the fear and difficulties that you go through, that we all go through.
Without forgetting to use the antiseptic, of course.
Patience, attention, prayer and everything will pass!
With a warm heart! Do not forget to moisturize the skin and the face your!

K. ROULA His beautician 

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